ABOUT US SIMRACING REAL XPERIENCE He was born of a passionate project simracing that step was building a simulator for their spare time. The passion for the concerns simracing made to expand the cockpit were a mission to do the most professional as possible as we had to make an innovative product and at the same time with a finish of the highest quality, then we begin the journey riding piece by piece which would be a reference simulator market simracing good job dom├ęstico.La key is to use quality materials and tools.


A completion of the project and seeing the views and congratulations simracing enthusiasts, we considered the option to make available worldwide our idea and our projects. In SimRacing REAL XPERIENCE care for the detail of our products and at the same time we are constantly researching to offer our customers the most innovative products available. We hope this project the maximum possible alarge and that we all get that simracing is each day a little better known and valued.