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GT DASH is the first full dashboard manufactured and ready to use bases (Fanatec CSW V1 & V2 / ACCUFORCE and OSW), has a system of simple fixing with 4 screws, this dashboard will give you a more immersive seen to date in the racing simulation. They were used high quality materials, has implemented our backlight system with RF remote control that lets you change the color of the labels to your liking. The top is upholstered with Alcantara as in real cars. You can use Z1 Dashboard, iRDDU and more others (not icluded).          This dashboard is designed to view all information through flyers GT provided that the recommendations are met, with the steering wheel of F1 because of its shape also we see all information on the dashboard.
RECOMMENDATIONS : To see all the information through a wheel of GT we recommend: Adapter for mounting the wheel to 20 ° (Included in the Base CSW V1 and V2) Minimum distance to the dashboard = 55 cm

  • 21 Functions
  • TFT screen of 4 or 4.5 inches.
  • Plug and Play (See list of compatible games).
  • Change the arrangement of colors of your buttons.
  • Fixing system with 4 screws Bases (Fanatec CSW V1 & V2 / ACCUFORCE and OSW).
  • Alcantara upholstery.
  • Prepared not to cover any place on the screen.
  • Open at the bottom for good ventilation.
  • Carbon fiber effect on the front.
Displayed information:
  • LEDs for speed
  • Indicator pit limiter
  • gasoline indicator
  • blue flag indicator
  • Water temperature indicator
  • oil temperature indicator.
  • yellow flag indicator
  • 6-Button NKK (High Quality)
  • 3 Rotary encoders with button in the center.
  • 2 hard Toggle switch MOM-OFF-MOM action.
  • 1 Button Engine Start Button and real cars.
  • 1 RF remote control
  • 2 Cable USB 2.0 to 1.5 meters.
  • Backlighting System 1.
  • 1 DC 12v included.
  • Manual, software and configuration files will be sent by email.
  • Width : 46 cm
  • High : 24,5 cm
  • Deep : 14 cm