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INNOBOX PRO is a new concept in the world of touch pads with a finish of the highest quality this botonera revolutionize SimRacing enthusiasts. We have designed and patented a rapid change of tapas to provide our customers with the configuration change the keypad depending on the desired simulator, it is a system without screws or other parts, the cover can be changed simply by pulling one side upward and for the desired change. The covers are designed for different simulators but we offer the possibility of configurarte yours to suit your needs. The letters have a system backlight- incredible that give a spectacular touch to our buttons, you can change the color of the letters with a small remote control that works with RF.

Innovative system for rapid exchange of tapas "CLICK & SWAP".

  • 24 Functions
  • Finished really impressive
  • Mechanical buttons with metal chassis
  • Innovative system of interchangeable caps
  • customizable covers
  • Backlight system
  • Plug and Play (Compatible with all titles)
  • a DC adapter 12V 1.5A is needed
  • Change the arrangement of colors of your buttons
  • Vesa 75mm
  • 9 NKK button (High Quality)
  • 2 Rotary encoders with one touch
  • 5 Toggle Switches Momentary
  • 1 RF remote control
  • 2 USB 2.0 cable 1.5 meters
  • Backlighting System 1
  • 1 DC 12v Included
  • Width : 20,5 cm
  • High: 7 cm
  • deep : 13,5 cm