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INNOBOX BASIC is a new concept in the world of touch pads with a finish of the highest quality this botonera revolutionize SimRacing enthusiasts. The letters have a system backlight- incredible that give a spectacular touch to our buttons, you can change the color of the letters with a small remote control that works with RF.

INNOBOX BASIC It is a button box designed to bring everyone the opportunity to acquire one of our sophisticated products at a very low price.

  • Width : 20,5 cm
  • High: 7 cm
  • Deep : 13,5 cm

  • 24 Functions
  • Finished really impressive
  • Backlight system
  • Plug and Play (Compatible with all titles)
  • a DC adapter 12V 1.5A is needed
  • Vesa 75 mm
  • 9 Buttons spring
  • 2 Rotary encoders with one touch
  • 5 Toggle Switches Momentary
  • 1 RF remote control
  • 1 USB 2.0 cable 1.5 meters
  • Backlighting System 1
  • 1 Included 12v DC

REMEMBER : These keypads do not have the CLICK & SWAP system to quickly change the covers.